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Futurist Jeremy Rifkin lays out a new vision involving "the Third Industrial Revolution" that, via digital connectivity, clean power and also smart transportation all tied with every other through the actual "Internet associated with Things," could cause breakthrough rather than breakdown. Indeed, those who fear the job-destroying as well as job-shifting energy regarding automation will need perfect plays to look upon the sharing economy as well as breathe any bit of a sigh regarding relief.

The WorldPost strives every day in order to chronicle the continued contest in between two rivalling futures. (continued)

. and Russia have reached odds over whom in order to bolster along with whom to bomb.

This week, a brand new 21st century debate surfaced: How will we protect the particular information cloud we've just about all arrived at depend upon if this can be actually consists of cables running across the bottom of the ocean? the issue stumbled on light right after it absolutely was reported that Russian spy ships had been operating near important cable routes. Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander James Stavridis writes that, "Well more than 95 percent of everything relocating on the global Web passes through 200 or consequently very active cables, several as deep underwater as Mount Everest will be tall." Lixian Hantover offers a profile regarding what the undersea cloud looks similar to as well as what its vulnerabilities are. These People didn't meet. Nevertheless their paths certainly crossed. And, because the leader with the world's second-largest economy, he pledged to participate forces using the U.S. Your pope produced the particular moral case with regard to tackling poverty along with climate change. Policies born involving confusion, chaos as well as confrontation haven't any place in this new world of opportunities.

Carl Bildt

Former Swedish Foreign Minister and also Prime Minister; Chairman, Global Commission about Internet Governance

As the entire world enters the Third Industrial Revolution, elevated connectivity among businesses and prosumers, powered simply by clean as well as renewable energies, will affect the global economy. We have to comprehend that, just being a person, any country can possess a couple of souls."Mustafa Kemal Atatrk's military-allied, authoritarian along with Western-oriented modernization via over bolstered 1 aspect of that soul in the final century. Which is actually the way folks actually are. Regarding Pamuk, "to have democracy is actually precisely in order to possess a dialogue among both involving these souls." "I am worried," he says, "because I know that within the finish Erdoan wants to govern alone whatsoever costs. data storage really implies the steady transfer of knowledge in between users, without regard for Westphalian borders. These People are generally neither purely Islamic traditionalists nor secular fundamentalists, but, as Turkey's most celebrated writer and also Nobel laureate has put it, of "two souls." "To possess a pair of souls," Pamuk once told me, "is a good thing. Here's how we could help to make in which happen.

Jeremy Rifkin

Author, 'The Zero Marginal Price Society: The Net regarding Things, your Collaborative Commons, as well as the Eclipse associated with Capitalism'

MILAN -- The reality is that your Internet-led technique of exploiting under-utilized sources - always be they physical along with monetary capital as well as human richesse and talent - is actually each unstoppable as well as accelerating. He will not need to speak about power." (continued)

This week the particular refugee crisis caused by Syria's horrific civil war moved for the next stage. Will Be the dynamo whose steady rise has helped keep the global economy about the path to recovery since the global financial meltdown running from steam? has the actual Chinese growth system broken down?

WASHINGTON -- Inside just 6 weeks, globe leaders will meet in Paris in order to negotiate a fresh global climate change agreement. over the last 13 years, existing Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoan's Islamic-based AKP features bolstered the other aspect through democratic modernization coming from below. Within the particular process, political room offers opened up not only to the influence of conservative rural Anatolia but in addition regarding other plural constituencies from Kurds for the gay community.By wanting to shut which plural room now by means of increasingly autocratic tendencies -- inside the midst of the Syrian civil war spilling over its borders -- Erdoan features polarized the "two souls" regarding Turkey. President Xi affirmed he will intensify your "reform as well as opening up" policies that have lifted 500 million people in China from poverty more than the last 30 years -- a new feat accomplished more rapidly compared to any other society inside history. The other is a globe falling apart via bitter partisanship, religious warfare as well as the return of geopolitical blocs.This week we start a new series that may take sides. security inside the digital globe is actually according to technology, certainly not geography." (continued)

BRUSSELS -- We have to finish once and then for every one of the European aberration in which markets regarding days gone by are generally given preference over markets with the future.

Guy Verhofstadt

Leader of the Liberal and Democrat group in the European Parliament and former Prime Minister associated with Belgium

PALO ALTO, Calif. Though prompted directly into motion in order to curb the carnage, your U.S. in Sweden, the particular anti-immigrant right-wing party now tops the particular polls. (continued)

Pope Francis as well as President Xi Jinping had been both throughout Washington along with Ny this week for engagements in the White Home and the United Nations. These kinds of plans represent the first generation involving investments to be made so as in order to build a competitive future without having the actual harmful amounts associated with carbon dioxide emissions that have become driving a car global warming.

Join us to obtain a conversation, sparked simply by Jeremy Rifkin's series about the "Third Industrial Revolution," on climate change, technologies as well as the developing global movement toward solutions.

Here's the method the rise of the "Internet associated with Things," your "Sharing Economy" and the "Zero Marginal cost Society" can save the particular planet and make new jobs.

Jeremy Rifkin

Author, 'The Zero Marginal Price Society: the Internet involving Things, the particular Collaborative Commons, as well as the Eclipse associated with Capitalism'

The characters throughout Orhan Pamuk's novels are usually complex, hybrid identities. Throughout short, with out physical undersea cables, the particular cloud as we almost all know it couldn't function.

Lixian Hantover

Associate in the Palo Alto offices associated with Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

In a new globe that's constantly confronted with catastrophic news, there arrives a thought which lifts us up, a concept thus powerfully inspirational that it shifts complete paradigms involving considering and approach. data storage truly means your continuous transfer of knowledge between users, with no regard with regard to Westphalian borders. in even probably your most click here welcoming countries a political backlash will be inside the making. yet others to spearhead the global battle against climate change. Francis' detractors could call him up a "communist in a cassock" while Xi's party can be Communist within identify only, yet this alliance involving purpose that will pairs your prayers with the pope using the formidable state capacity of China could truly transfer the big needle. This particular thought has been around for upwards of a new decade throughout its current form, and, actually, may be around regarding huge quantities of years. The Particular long-term advantages consist not merely inside efficiency and productivity gains (large adequate to exhibit up throughout macro data), but additionally within much-needed new jobs requiring a broad range of skills. The Actual new stability associated with power just isn't created in the stars nevertheless within the history books.

Parag Khanna

Leading global strategist, world traveler as well as best-selling author

SEOUL -- The Actual solution to privacy concerns lies not really inside information localization, yet within the progression of secure systems and the appropriate use of encryption. "The means to fix privacy concerns," he writes, "lies not necessarily within information localization, however inside the development of secure systems as well as the proper use regarding encryption. In Order To date, some 150 countries have submitted plans detailing how they tend to be heading to move their economies alongside a more resilient low-carbon trajectory. 1 long term is a globe coming with every other through the convergence of new technologies who promise ecological stability, the empowerment associated with diversity along with chance regarding all. German Chancellor Angela Merkel's popularity in the particular home will be falling for your first-time as compassion reaches its limits. (continued)

SHANGHAI -- There really are generally a large amount of confusing signals coming out of China lately. That is called "biomimicry," yet in which word is absolutely yet another word for nature.

The power of the nation-state is at totally free fall. -- An attack upon these critical undersea cables could get disastrous effects on our increasingly cloud-based economy. Using no end for the conflict within sight, the particular influx associated with asylum seekers within Europe will carry on to swell and the prospect regarding permanent settlement there for that displaced grows. Throughout an introduction towards the series, Arianna Huffington invites us to participate the actual conversation in climate change, technology as well as the expanding global movement towards remedies that will supply a unifying purpose to virtually any or even all our connectivity. Carl Bildt, former Swedish prime minister and also chair with the Global Commission about Internet Governance, demands a brand new digital diplomacy for you to maintain the free flow of data across borders

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